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Pest Identification

Photos can be a quick way for us to identify pests without having to wait for a sample to be sent through the mail or to send a technician to the site for identification or sample pick up.

When you send us a picture, please make sure to do the following:

  • Take the picture from the closest distance that the picture is still clear. Look at the photo and try to zoom in. If it's blurry we will not be able to identify the pest. We need the clearest picture possible.If the picture is clear and is a good representation of the bug, please submit it. If not, take the best picture you can. Taking several pictures as opposed to just one will help to properly identify the pest.

  • Please place a dime or a penny next to the pest for scale. The coin is for size reference.

  • We need to know what has occured in the problem area. Which room was the pest seen? When do is the pest activy, time of day? How often is the pest seen? How lone has the problem been ocurring? Any information you can provide will also help in identification. Some pests look similar to other pests but have different habits and act differently.

  • Has anyone been bitten or stung? If so, they should seek medical attention.

Most cellular phone cameras now have very good resolution, so we will be able to zoom in one the pest once we receive the pictures.


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