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Following are a list of baits, pesticides, rodentcides, and insecticidal dusts used by Corbett Exterminating in our treatment programs for 2014. The calendar and consumer information sheet provided to each customer contains this list as well. Please refer to your service report to identify pesticides or rodenticides used.

  • Advance Carpenter Ant Bait
  • Advion FC Ant Killer
  • Advion Roach Bait
  • CimeXa Dust
  • Contrac Blox
  • Contrac Meal Pac
  • Delta Dust
  • Ditrac Tracking Powder
  • Final Soft Bait
  • First Strike
  • InTice Granular Bait
  • Larva-Lur 2% Bait
  • Liqua-Tox II
  • Maxforce FC Magnum
  • Maxforce FC Select
  • Mother Earth D
  • Multi-Kill Blocks II
  • NyGuard IGR
  • P.T. Phantom
  • Rozol Tracking Powder
  • Suspend SC
  • Transport Mikron
  • Ultracide
  • Vendetta Roach Bait
  • Wasp Freeze
  • ZP Tracking Powder
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