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Corbett Exterminating Quality Control procedures consist of daily inspections of the work performed by our technicians. These inspections are accomplished through the use of a detailed inspection checklist This information, as well as other pertinent information, is exchanged between field personnel and office support individuals to assure that the client is receiving high quality services. Corbett’s quality control inspector is responsible to perform site inspections and to determine that the level of service, attention to detail, treatment methods, and supervision are all in place and in compliance with Corbett standards of service. The following is an abbreviated version of the Corbett Exterminating Quality Control Program that is implemented once a contract is awarded:

  • The general performance of personnel at all facilities is under proper supervision.
  • The field supervisor will complete a checklist on a weekly basis and turn in to the director of operations each week.
  • Periodic on-site evaluations by a quality control inspector.
  • All projects are checked and maintained on a daily basis.
  • Physical inspection of the facility on a scheduled basis to assure that all sensitive areas are being inspected, monitored and treated appropriately by the field service technicians.
  • Inspection of all rodent bait stations, interior and exterior, trapping and monitoring devices to assure that they are properly labeled and that the hardware is clean and in food repair and that the stations are freshly baited
  • Recommendation of alternative treatments or increasing treatment frequency depending on the nature and severity of any problems found
  • Meet with onsite management or maintenance personnel to get personal feedback regarding how the service is perceived and to get thoughts on how the service can be improved
  • All requirements for special work under the terms of the contract will be completed and documented.
  • The senior management team at Corbett meets to review and discuss any outstanding quality control issues. Deficiencies in the quality of work are discussed openly and solutions are presented and implemented once the majority of the team is in agreement. Quality control re-inspections of problem accounts are scheduled for follow-up.
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