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Services - Bed Bug NESDCA Certified Canine Assisted Inspections

“Dogs are the single most important and accurate monitoring tool we have to detect bed bugs.”
Dr. Dini Miller, Virginia Tech University
Leading Internationally Recognized Bed Bug Researcher

Canine bed bug scent detection inspections are highly accurate (about 97%) in detecting live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs.

Corbett Exterminating’s bed bug scent detection canine, Barney, and his handler Chuck are no exception. When you need reliable, efficient and effective bed bug inspections, this is the way to go. They maintain a strict daily training regimen to keep the team sharp and on top of their game.

Chuck and Barney are NESDCA certified. This is the best accreditation that exists for bed bug canine scent detection teams. The team must be 100% accurate during the test or they fail.

Barney is an energetic beagle who comes to us from J & K Canine Academy, the home of PepeDogs. This is an internationally known and respected top-notch canine training facility located in Florida.

When Barney alerts on live bed bugs or viable eggs, an inspection by a licensed pest management professional will confirm the presence of bed bugs so the treatment process can begin without delay.

Scheduled canine assisted inspections are a proactive way to keep bed bug issues to a minimum. Call us to talk about quarterly bed bug canine inspections.

When do you need our NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Canine Scent Detection Team?

Apartment Buildings need us

  • to perform home visits where prospective tenants now live - so they don't bring bed bugs into your building. We can also include sanitation, housekeeping and other things you may be concerned about. Give us a call.
  • before new move ins to make sure the unit being occupied is bed bug free prior to move in.
  • when there is a bed bug complaint or sighting to verify that the call is legitimate and needs corrective action.
  • to assure that units adjacent to an infested apartment (above, below and to each side) are not affected during and after the treatment process.
  • to assure that treated apartments are bed bug free once the treatments are completed.
  • to show residents proactive good faith measures are taken regularly to give residents peace of mind.

Hotels need us

  • to show guests that their comfort and safety is the hotel’s top priority.
  • to inspect rooms prior to occupancy. • to have a proactive bed bug inspection regimen that will be a first alert - before guests have an incident.
  • when they need quick, reliable bed bug inspections that won't keep rooms off-line for too long.

Office Buildings need us

  • to perform inspections quickly, effectively and efficiently over large areas in a short amount of time (overnight or weekends).
  • to inspect offices or cubicles when there is a suspicion of bed bug presence.
  • to confirm bed bug activity in specific areas and save money on remedial treatments by treating only where you need to.
  • to build good will with commercial tenants and employees.

Home, condominium or cooperative owners/renters need us

  • to inspect the premises BEFORE you purchase or move in to make sure it is bed bug free.
  • to find bed bug problems as soon as possible.
  • to inspect after a competent pest management company performs treatments.

24-Hour Emergency Service
Should any unforeseen problem arise between scheduled visits, Corbett services are available any time, night or day. We guarantee a response to your emergency problem within 24 hours.

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