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Services - Bird Control

At Corbett Exterminating, we value the importance of clean, healthy living areas and are dedicated to discouraging pest activity. We specialize in serving the pest management needs for multi-family housing, senior housing, military housing, hotels & schools on a monthly bi-monthly, weekly or quarterly basis. Our specialists have the training, experience and resources to assure protection and elimination of all types of destructive pests.

Bird Control Services Available:


  • Netting: Exclusion of the bird to their nesting/roosting site through structural bird netting installation
  • Roosting Deterrents
    Perch Blockers / Foam Blockers: Custom made high angle perch modifications, and access closure
  • Anti-Roosting Spikes
  • Anti-Roosting Electric Track
  • Ant-Roosting Gels: Harmless gels to modify perch, and disrupt roosting


  • Baiting Programs: Repel and control population
  • Sterilization


  • Dropping removal

24-Hour Emergency Service
Should any unforeseen problem arise between scheduled visits, Corbett services are available any time, night or day. We guarantee a response to your emergency problem within 24 hours.

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