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Services - Rodent Cleanout & Proofing

At Corbett Exterminating, we value the importance of clean, healthy living areas and are dedicated to discouraging pest activity. We specialize in serving the pest management needs for multi-family housing, senior housing, military housing, hotels & schools on a monthly bi-monthly, weekly or quarterly basis. Our specialists have the training, experience and resources to assure protection and elimination of all types of destructive pests.

Rodent Cleanout Treatments

Nobody wants a little critter wandering around their home. After all, some rodents carry diseases which can be a threat to your health. Whether your rodent problem includes mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks or voles, Corbett’s trained technicians can install the most durable exterior rodent bait stations available. To assure adequate coverage has been achieved, Rodent Cleanout Treatments require a two-phase approach: initial cleanout and a follow-up treatment within two weeks. During the service, the building exterior is inspected for rodent burrows which are properly treated and closed up. Rodent Cleanout Treatments are fully guaranteed for 90 days from the date of completion.

  1. Eliminating sanitation defects is critical to long-term rodent abatement. If rodents are around, that means there is food somewhere.
  2. Inspection and treatment must concentrate on the areas rodents have learned to frequent.
  3. 3-Dimensional treatments will use rodent habits and biology against them.
  4. Proper use of rodent bait materials and trapping devices completes the array of devices available to rid the area of rodents.
  5. Extraction devise is used to remove all rodent droppings found during the treatment. Examination for fresh droppings is conducted on follow-up visits.

Rodent Proofing
Rodent Proofing is the perfect complement to our rodent cleanout treatments. 100% guaranteed, our Rodent Proofing program is designed to stop rodents from entering your home, apartment or business permanently. Our technicians inspect and seal up entry points where rodents are gaining access. And we educate you on avoiding conditions that allow rodents easy access to food and shelter.

24-Hour Emergency Service
Should any unforeseen problem arise between scheduled visits, Corbett services are available any time, night or day. We guarantee a response to your emergency problem within 24 hours.

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