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Corbett Exterminating, Inc. was founded by its president, Spencer J. Corbett, in 1976 and incorporated in September, 1983 in New Jersey. Minority-owned and family-operated, Corbett is headquartered in New Jersey with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Since the beginning, we have provided comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services to clients wishing to eliminate and continually control pest infestations. Our unique IPM systems offer solutions to every possible infestation scenario and maintain control through aggressive preventive maintenance programs. This process, in harmony with good communication between the Corbett Exterminating staff and all levels of management, guarantees satisfaction and results.

Corbett Exterminating specializes in multi-family housing, senior housing, military housing, hotels & schools, while continually increasing business in both commercial and governmental sectors. We also maintain large warehouse facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia where we maintain fleets of late model, full-service vehicles, extensive pest management supplies, and other large equipment needed for the nature of our business. These facilities also incorporate locker and storage areas for our skilled technicians and serve as field supervisor offices.

From the hiring and training of our dedicated staff, to the supervision and quality control at every job site, we adhere to a strict code of ethics ensuring the highest standards of leadership, service and integrity. We immerse ourselves in the close-knit family nature of our business, nurturing and encouraging our employees to be the best in the industry.

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