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Bed bugs are continuing to make a strong comeback in this country, and they aren't going away any time soon. The Corbett Exterminating inspection and treatment process for bed bug elimination is the most thorough and effective program in the pest management industry. It features the Corbett Freeze Process, a totally green alternative to pesticides, which turns carbon dioxide into a snow-like substance that freezes bed bugs on contact. An integral part of our process includes educational presentations for residents and staff.

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A Bed Bug Treatment Program should include

  1. Inspection of the entire unit including all harborage areas such as (telephone jacks, sofas, headboards, mattress/box spring, closets, etc.).
  2. Residual Spray Treatment
  3. Crack & Crevice Treatment
  4. Dusting Treatment
  5. Void Treatment
  6. Corbett Freeze Process (can be safely used in the primary areas where people come in contact with bed bugs, especially wheel chairs, walkers, and other medical equipment.)
  7. Corbett Steam Process
  8. Extraction

The Treatment Process should include a minimum of 3 treatments:

  1. Initial Intensive Treatment
  2. Follow Up Treatment
  3. Second Follow-Up Treatment
Bed Bug Prevention
  • Activity suspected? Put ALL clothes, linens, etc. in clear plastic bags and tie them closed before bringing them to the laundry. Using a clothes dryer is an excellent way to kill bed bugs and their eggs in clothing, shoes, hats, etc. The temperature must reach a minimum of 130 degrees to be effective.
  • Inspect all clothing daily.
  • Wash or dry-clean clothing frequently.
  • Inspect coats and school bags when children come home from school.
  • Do not store anything under the beds to reduce hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Stuffed animals and toys must be inspected for bed bugs and, if infested, washed in a similar manner (as clothes/linens) or discarded.
  • Do not purchase used mattresses or furniture.

At least once each week:

  • Strip beds. Wash or dry-clean all bed linens, drapes and curtains with laundry detergent and hot water to kill live bugs.
  • Use a hepa-filtered vacuum on all carpets, floors, upholstered furniture, mattresses, bed frames and areas where baseboards meet the floor.
  • Have bed bugs? Dispose of the vacuum bag in a plastic bag, tie it tightly, and dispose of the bag outside the building.
  Effective Bed Bug Treatments Include:
  • Resident & Management Education
  • Communication
  • Preparation
  • Inspection
  • Extraction
  • Chemical Applications
  • Monitoring Results

Non-Chemical Controls:
The Corbett Freeze Process

  • Non-chemical.
  • Freezes bugs instantly to -108°F
  • Evacuation of treated areas is not necessary.
  • It can be used on surfaces in direct contact with food.
  • Enables tenants to return immediately after treatment.
  • Steamer: A commercial steamer that reaches a minimum of 130 degrees can also be used to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

How to properly dispose of a mattress and furniture:

  • Residents must NOT drag an infested mattress or furniture to the compactor room or trash area. Building maintenance personnel trained in this function must take responsibility for everything to be discarded.
  • This prevents the spread of bugs during transport.
  • Cut up and/or deface the item, then wrap and tightly seal the infested furnishing in plastic sheeting before removing from residence.

To avoid bringing bed bugs home and/or spreading the problem, everyone must openly talk about bed bugs. If you are having a problem with bed bugs DO NOT accept visitors until you are bed bug free. If your family, friends and/or acquaintances are having bed bug issues they should show you the same courtesy.

When entering a hotel room, pull back the linens to expose the mattress and check for the tell-tale signs of bed bugs. Bring a flashlight to check behind the headboard (where it's attached to the wall) and look for bed bugs. If you find evidence, immediately leave the room, alert hotel staff, and request another room. Be sure to check your new room.

Upon returning home, immediately inspect all luggage thoroughly for bed bugs and follow preventative and treatment procedures.

  • Bag the empty luggage.
  • Bag and wash all clothes immediately.
  • Inspect all non-clothes items and vacuum off anything suspicious.
  • Carefully vacuum each piece of luggage inside and out, then put the vacuum bag in a plastic bag, tie it, and throw it away.

Follow these procedures and you can come home from vacation bug free!

24-Hour Emergency Service
Should any unforeseen problem arise between scheduled visits, Corbett services are available any time, night or day. We guarantee a response to your emergency problem within 24 hours.

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