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  • Can damage fabrics, furniture and clothing that contains NATURAL ANIMAL FIBERS (wool, silk, hair, bristles, fur or feathers)
  • Synthetic items are resistant, but mixtures of synthetic and natural fibers CAN BE damaged.
  • Live naturally in nests of birds, rodents, insects and spiders, can be carried into homes on cut flowers.
  • Found in closets, drawers or inside furniture.
  • Larva requires 9 months-3 years to complete growth, tend to avoid light, feed in dark cracks or folds.
  • Adults are attracted to light and are found on windows or around flowers.
  • Black Carpet Beetle
    • Life cycle is 180-650 days.
    • Inhabit carpeting, clothing, furs, furniture, leather, books, bird nests, milk powders, pollen.

  • Common Carpet Beetle
    • Inhabit fabrics, furnishings and clothing retaining wool, silk, hair, bristles, fur, feathers, etc.
    • Life cycle 77-110 days.

  • Furniture Carpet Beetle
    • Life cycle 149-422 days
    • Inhabit woolen upholstery and padding such as feathers and hair, as well as natural fibers.

  • Varied Carpet Beetle
    • Inhabit carpets, woolen goods, furs, silks, and materials containing animal products and natural fibers.
    • Life cycle is 249-354 days.

  • Feed on dust and lint- good housekeeping prevents infestations
  • Find sources of infestations
    • Can be found in sparrow, starling or pigeon nests.
    • Wasp nests under eaves or in attics, the larvae will feed on the skins and larvae of wasps.
    • Inaccessible areas like air ducts still a problem though.
    • Dead insects in attics can be an area of infestation as well.

  • Cedar Products, Cold Storage, Heat.
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