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Corbett Pest Identification
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  • All food items are susceptible including spices, hot pepper, ice cream cones, cereals, grits and cake mixes.
  • Dried flower arrangements, stuffed animals, furniture and toys can harbor infestations.
  • Presence is NOT an indication of un-cleanliness since infestation can be brought home in purchased food.
  • Common Pantry Pests are
    • Flour Beetles
    • Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle
    • Cigarette Beetles
    • Drugstore Beetles
    • Larder Beetles
    • Granary Weevils
    • Rice Weevils
    • Spider Beetles
    • Grain Moths
    • Flour Moths
    • Psocids
    • Grain Mites

  • Locate source of infestation by inspecting susceptible foods, discard badly infected items.
  • Vacuum storage area, cabinets and shelves and wash with water and soap.
  • Caulk cracks; apply residual spray to cracks, corners and surfaces of shelves after removing foods that could become contaminated.
  • Keep all containers of food tightly closed.
  • Put susceptible items in sealable containers or screw top jars.
  • Do not overstock shelves with infrequently used products.
  • Rotate use of stored items frequently.
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