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  • Secrete an oily liquid that has an offensive odor.
  • Cockroach has three life cycles
    – Egg, Nymph and Adult
    – Eggs are deposited in groups in a capsule called ootheca, it is usually dropped or glued on a surface by the female.

  • The German cockroach carries the capsule until the eggs are ready to hatch.
    – The newly hatched nymphs have no wings and molt several times before becoming winged adults.

  • American
  • Oriental
  • German
  • Brown Banded
  • Prevention and Sanitation
    – Exclusion
    • Keep screens in good repair
    • Weather stripping or Caulk cracks and gaps around doors and windows, attic vents, and plumbing encased in common walls
    • Screen floor drains
    • Screen exhaust vents to your dryers • Seal all cracks and crevices

    – Elimination of Food, Water and Harborage
    • Cockroaches can survive only 12 days with food but no water. 42 days if only water is present and no food.
    • Regularly vacuum and sweep. This will not only eliminate skins and feces that attract other roaches, but will decrease food sources.
    • Keep clutter from accumulating.
    • Discard Cardboard boxes, cockroaches breed prolifically in corrugated cardboard boxes
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